CLOSED / Cobratec FS-X Blue Sweepstakes

Prize: Blue Cobratec Large FS-X
Odds in winning: 1 in 15
Decal price: 13.33
Learn more about this knife from Cobratec's website.

If you are looking for the pistol decal sweepstakes, it is on our main website.


How to play:

  • Purchase a Skull Crush decal (buy button located below the numbered list).
  • Join the SGG Private Facebook Group (after you have purchased a decal).
  • Follow us Instagram (we will post a pic when a new contest starts)
  • Wait to receive a confirmation text. You may not receive the text immediately, but when you do, you must respond within 2 minutes. Please be sure your mobile phone is able to accept text messages from numbers that are not on your contact list (check your phone settings).
  • You will see your name and order number on the list below.
  • After the list is full, a live drawing will be conducted on video and posted on the SCG Facebook group. The winner will then be posted below.


  • No sore losers or jerks. This is a fun and friendly contest. We want to keep it that way.
  • You must type all of your order info correctly. Be sure to use a valid mobile phone # and email.
  • Number places will not be changed after your name has been posted.
  • Must be legally able to posses and own the prize.
  • Winner is responsible for shipping cost. Prize will be shipped exclusively via USPS Priority Mail.
  • There are NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXEMPTIONS to any of the above rules or instructions.

Watch drawing results video 

1. Brooks # 1101-A - WINNER 🏆 
2. S. Thompson # 1097-A
3. J. Jones # 1099-A
4. M. Devlin # 1096
5. J. Jones # 1099-B
6. Brooks # 1101-B
7. J. Meyer # 1095
8. Brooks # 1101-C
9. J. Jones # 1099-C
10. Brooks # 1098-A
11. S. Mattes # 1094
12. J. Jones # 1099-D
13. Cockrell # 1100
14. S. Thompson # 1097-B
15. D. Brooks # 1098